clean bathroom

#1 Use laundry baskets in the bedrooms for each family member to keep bedrooms neat.

#2 Put the dirty dishes in the dish washer right after dinner (for those without a dishwasher, at least rinse or soak the dishes as soon as done eating even if you don’t want to wash them right away. You will save time scrubbing them later on.

#3 Before bedtime, make sure the kitchen counters are not cluttered, don’t allow them to be clutter. This will eliminate chaos in the morning before school and work and helps you to quickly wipe them down as needed. If you need to assign a draw or cupboard for specific things or things for each child to store stuff.

#4 Do one load of laundry everyday instead of only doing it on the weekend, or you can designate a day of the week for each family member and one day for bedding and/or towels. This way not everyone is trying to get their laundry done at the same time. ​
#5 Spot clean windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors wear little hand marks are daily.

#6 Before a child’s birthday or a special holiday where family members may get gifts, go through their toys and other items in their bedrooms and have them donate at least 2 or three things before bringing in new toys or items. You can do this per season with their clothes to eliminate clutter, jam packed closets & bureaus, and donate clothes that are in good enough shape for someone else to use them. ​

​​# 7 Take 5 minutes to vacuum daily to eliminate a build of dirt, dust, and allergens; especially if a family member has allergies or you have pets. ​
#8 Keep a container of disinfectant wipes right on the toilet for you to take one minute to wipe down the seat and rim to eliminate any odors or build up of waste.

​#9 Place a small rug or bin at your front and back doors to encourage you and your family members to remove their shoes when coming in the house. ​

​#10 Encourage your children to keep their toys and games organized by giving them bins that can be labeled and set up in their bedroom to keep it from being cluttered. ​

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