Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Citrus County Florida Residential & Business Cleaning Services

You can schedule cleaning services for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, once
​or twice per year, or as a one-time service. 

Condo Cleaning Services

Whether you are the owner or renter of a condo or condo units, our company can set up a weekly, biweekly, or monthly plan to clean a condo unit or units. We can even set up a yearly plan with a set number of visits for the house cleaning services to take place. Call today for details and a free estimate. 
clean kitchen

Basic Residential Cleaning

  • surface cleaning in the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and bedrooms
  • all floors vacuumed and mopped ​’

Deep Cleaning for Spring time, Fall time or ANYTIME!

  • washing walls
    sliding glass doors & tracks
    under furniture ( as long as there are no electronics on the furniture)
  • Kitchen Cupboards & Draws
  • ​windows and window frames
  • ​and more

*Please note, we do not clean fireplaces or chimneys. We recommend calling a professional chimney cleaner for that service.

Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services

  • Vacuuming
  • Washing Floors
  • Surface Cleaning in All Rooms
  • Windows
  • Closets
  • Wash Woodwork, Doors & Casings
cleaning counters
office cleaning

Business Cleaning Services

We offer surface cleaning for businesses, which includes dusting, vacuuming, floor washing, empty trash bins, and surface cleaning of office kitchens & bathrooms as needed.

RV or Camper Cleaning Services

Whether it is the beginning of your family vacation time or you are returning from your family adventures, we offer RV and camper cleaning services. If you are getting ready for a road or camping trip and you would like your RV or camper cleaned to be ready to go, we can provide that cleaning services for you.

If you and your family are returning home from your family vacation and would like your RV or camper to be cleaned before storing it for next time, we can clean it top to bottom on the inside. We can also pressure wash the outside to remove and dirt or windshield gunk from the miles traveled on your road trip. Before storing an RV or camper for your off season, it is best to clean it thoroughly.

For the inside, we will make sure there is no food or debris that could attract unwanted critters. Also, making sure it is thoroughly cleaned and dry will be key to prevent excessive mildew, mold or any bacteria to grow when storing your RV or camper. IT could cost hundreds of dollars if there is a lot of mildew or mold growth in an RV or camper.

​Sometimes it can grow in places you can’t see, but it is noticed by the smell and hard to ignore; and is not healthy. As for the outside, cleaning it properly, especially and dirt or gunk on the paint or windows is important so it doesn’t bake in the sunlight and then become almost impossible to remove. ​ So properly cleaning your RV or camper before storing it, will save you money in the long run

rv cleaning
rv cleaning

Residential Pressure Washing Services

We provide safe, professional residential pressure cleaning services. Our equipment handles all jobs, none are too big or too small.

  • Sides of Houses, Cabins, Sheds & Garages
  • Patios, Walkways Driveways
  • Concrete Steps & Walls
  • Outside of Boats
  • Campers & RV’s
power washing service
vacation home house cleaning

Vacation Home Cleaning Services

We offer vacation home cleaning services. Sometimes after you have had your vacation and it is time to head back home, you have no desire to do the house cleaning. We can do it for you. If you own your own vacation home, leave it to use to get back to tip top shape for your next vacation. Who really wants to clean after being on vacation? We can even do a basic cleaning services just before you arrive to make you feel even more comfortable and give you the time you have earned to focus on your vacation and spending time with those you love. 

In addition, if you have rented a vacation home or cabin, the owners expect it to be cleaned up before you head out. Some companies will even keep your deposit if you don’t clean up enough to their liking. So, instead of risking your deposit or worse yet, not being allowed back to rent from them next year, have us come out and get things right back to where they were so you have no worries, but to enjoy the end of your vacation before heading home. 

We are professionally, thorough, and treat every job as serious as the next. We pride our selves on doing a great job, not just once, but for all services we provide. Call today for an estimate!

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